• Business
    made simpler.
    Our aspiration is to ensure you surpass yours. We engineer
    effective and comprehensive solutions to support your business.
  • People
    Strong employees aren't necessarily strong managers?
    We strieve to support managers to increase opportunity & development.
  • Business
    The future of your business is at the heart of our expertise.
    We plan, project and achieve each phase of your development.
  • Business
    We have each area of your transactional remit covered.
    We ensure compliance with best practice and that each
    element of your people processes are done with accuracy.

What is an ATG solution? Going out of our way to make it possible.

We go out of our way to make your business, our business and ensure that your in-house teams are working in the best way possible. Our comprehensive HR solutions enable us to create a bespoke service around your business and form an evolving partnership between your business and ours…

"Successful, innovative and proactive solutions."

Change is a necessary evil that is one of the most difficult things to implement in a business; but not when it’s the right change.

Our experienced HR professionals learn to understand your business and create a solution around its unique areas of need. We will never force a square peg into a round hole or use the reasoning ’It worked before’. There is only one of your business, for that reason it will only ever be approached with your business in mind.

"It's HR, but not as you know it."

Every business will inevitably come across new & unchartered areas, especially businesses that are growing, developing or newly founded.

We aim to support each of our partnered businesses with cost effective yet comprehensive solutions to every new venture they embark upon. Our business support teams have been rated invaluable and irreplaceable by business directors from businesses of varying size, demographic and sector.

“An intelligent strategic partner.”

With the immersion of our services into your every day work place, we provide you with the advantage of a full department immersed in the daily, monthly and annual processes of your business without the salaries, training and resource. Equally, there is no disruption to your business through annual leave, sickness or scheduling as our team are available unconditionally.

We take on the transactional remits so you don’t have to and provide you with strategic guidance and support right when you need it.

“Proactive support that is actively problem solving.”

Our business analysts don’t wait for a problem to arise. Our analysts and support team at ATG are actively communicating and anticipating concerns so that so you don’t have to. Strategic directors encompass planned changes into your strategies to provide you with a plan B, C and D for a seamless transition and change.