Business Parterning

This is how we can facilitate the vital processes related to your HR function and ensure abidance with best practice.

Service 01

Lifecycle Management

Each process of an employees lifecycle requires attention to details, communication and knowledge. Our departments provide end to end management of the employees lifecycle at your business including the drafting of communications.

Service 02

2. Policy & Procedural Guidance

It is vital in our eyes that you are provided with the correct advice and support in the creation of your policies but we will also draft and help embed the processes at the centre of your business.

Service 03

Department Outsourcing

Retained clients gain from the experience and support of a full HR team to both enhance or remove the need of an internal HR team. We ensure that HR professionals are available both at your locations and at the end of the phone 7 days a week.

Service 04

Succession Planning

Each person is individual and will have their own objectives and goals. Succession planning with ATG enables businesses, departments and managers to support the growth of each position and give clear directions of growth to each employee.

Service 05

Process Management

Performance and Absence management are just two disciplines of HR that ATG provide clients with invaluable guidance and support on how to approach rectify and preempt areas of concern.

Service 06


Should you not have the facility in house, we are able to coordinate your payroll and manage the process on your behalf along with a partnering accountant to provide employees with vital documents including payslips, P30’s and P45’s.

Service 07

Culture Engineers

Our team aims to be embedded in your business and shall strive to know and understand your business and its culture. Our culture and ethos advisors are able to construct projects and advise to create and engineer a culture your teams deserve.